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Dr. Kuldeep Muralidhar Pai, best known as Kuldeep Pai, is an Indian musician, composer, vocalist, music producer and YouTube celebrity. Kuldeep has a deep inclination towards spirituality and is immensely influenced by Sanatana Dharma.


Kuldeep is the first Indian Classical musician to utilize YouTube as a primary medium to infuse the abundance of Indian cultural heritage into the younger generations. He is the mentor and the guiding force for musical prodigies like Sooryagayathri, Rahul Vellal, Bhavya Ganapathi & Raghuram Manikandan.


In a quest to reinvigorate and promulgate the greatness of Indian patrimony through music, Kuldeep conceptualized- 'Vande Guru Paramparaam', a spiritual musical series, in 2015. All the devotional videos under this series have drawn rave reviews for lyrical clarity and expressive intonations.

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