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 Please read the following before contacting!

3 FAQs answered by Kuldeep M Pai

Do you take classes? 

Please note that, with Bhagavan’s grace, this journey is beyond regular ‘music classes or online tuitions’! I don't conduct any classes nor do I have a musical school or institution. ‘Vande Guru Paramparaam’ is an ‘ajna/agya’ (instruction) from Higher Source and from my Gurus and accordingly I am bringing the right children together for this divine cause, mentoring them and presenting them to the world! This journey has a Higher Purpose of giving joy and peace to many across the globe! All the children featured in ‘Vande Guru Paramparaam’ are learning from other Gurus.

On what basis do you select the children?

It’s pure intuition! I don’t go for just talents. I am not inspired by them. In a few seconds, we can see whether the spiritual seed is there in the little ones which can be further enhanced. More than making them a successful musician, I would love to be an instrument in making them a wonderful ‘jeeva’ (being) in this process. So, there is no audition. Not in a mind-frame to entertain any recommendations too. I am getting a lot of them. Right little-ones reach me at the right time, when I need them! 12 releases per year is happening and I have to fit in the right ones into this process! 

How can we reach you? Are you able to manage your emails, phone calls and so on?
I am deliberately out of all these. I have chosen to live in a beautiful solitude. This blissful silence is giving me all the creative inputs and that is seen as a successful musical output. So, I request all of u to love the divine music that emerges out of this process and request everyone to kindly understand the need for silence. This is a humble request. (Please note that I do reply a few comments on YouTube & FB).

My humble gratitude to all of you.


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