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Please read the following before contacting! 

3 FAQs answered by Kuldeep M Pai

Do you take classes? 
I don't conduct any classes nor do I have a musical school or institution. All the children featured in ‘Vande Guru Paramparaam’ are learning from other Gurus. I am bringing them together for a divine cause and mentoring them and presenting them to the world. I do teach these selected ones, the nuances of not just music, but their life too! 

So how do you select them?

It’s pure intuition! I don’t go for just talents. I am not inspired by them. In a few seconds, we can see whether the spiritual seed is there in the little ones which can be further enhanced. More than making them a successful musician, I would love to be an instrument in making them a wonderful ‘jeeva’ (being) in this process. So, there is no audition. Not in a mind-frame to entertain any recommendations too. I am getting a lot of them. Right little-ones reach me at the right time, when I need them! 12 releases per year is happening and I have to fit in the right ones into this process! 

How can we reach you? Are you able to manage your emails, phone calls and so on?
I am deliberately out of all these. I have chosen to live in a beautiful solitude. This blissful silence is giving me all the creative inputs and that is seen as a successful musical output. So, I request all of u to love the divine music that emerges out of this process and request everyone to kindly understand the need for silence. This is a humble request. (Please note that I do reply a few comments on YouTube & FB).

My humble gratitude to all of you.


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