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Vijayalakshmi Narayanan

Video: ep 8 | Learn Bhagavad-Gītā


Omg 😮😮😮Ishaan!!! What an example you've given at this tender age! When people ten times your age haven't even "tried" meditating, you are giving problems faced during that process as examples!!!!! And it hit right on my head because that is the exact problem I'm trying to figure out!!!! I'm thinking I'm aware but then when my head drops down I realise I'm sleeping! And I've been so frustrated trying to figure where I'm going wrong every time!! Humble Prostrations to the Divine in you my Chellam!! ❤❤❤. Once again, you've proved that you're a class apart Kuldeepji. Today you've shown what it means to have a Guru like you at such a tender age. We're all so blessed to be able to witness these classes. I'm so Glad that these precious wisdom pearls are going to be there in the internet always for all generations to come🙏🙏. There are no words to express gratitude to you. "Thank you" seems to be such a small pool of muddy water compared to the Pravaham of tears that arises from the heart. Sashtang Pranams🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Dr.Chandrasekaran Mohanasundaram


Kuldeep M Pai : preserver of Indian cultural heritage.

Nita B

Video: Oṃkārākāriṇī


I am forced to comment. I am using this beautifully sung composition for meditating on that supreme, in the bhakthi bhava. It feels like the heart strings up to melt in my Lords feet. Here I am thinking as this Me where in reality this me (ego) does not even exist. Thank you from the depths of my Heart. You have brought expression to the cry of every beating heart. 🙏❤


Video: Om Nama Shivaaya


I am your eternally fan from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I did yoga many years, always happy with the mantras, satsangs and music from India. Thanks for expanding it all. I feel the softness of your counciousness and your work. Thanks.

Seetha Krishnan

Video: Madhurashtakam


So sweet..... So sweet.... So sweet.... Am afraid my diabetes is going to rise up beyond measure inspite of the medicines for the song is rendered so sweet, jaggery and nectar flowing alternately....... Sweet rendition by Sooryagayathri and Raghuram Manikandan of the Sweet Sweet World Mathura........ Respectful bow to Kuldipji 🙏🙏🙏🙏 and blessings to both to reach newer heights.....

Suhas Rao

Video: Jagadodharana...

I was listening to this song in my home on speakers, it was a sublime atmosphere. And when it was over my American neighbor standing outside and I was perplexed to see him at my front door. He said I couldnt stop myself waving my head to this song and asked me to play some more. Music has no language. And it is my Indian classical music that reminds of my home even though Im thousands of miles away.


Video: Ayigiri Nandini


All love and respect from Kashmir, coming from an orthodox Kashmir Muslim family I've never thought that this will make such a huge impact on me, can't stop myself from hearing it again and again. These lil girls are so cute may maa durga bless them all with good fortune. Hail Maa Durga. Joyy Maa Durga!!

Praba Gopal

Video: Namo Bharathambe


What a wonderful tribute to our Bharath Matha. Any person who has love and utmost respect for his or her mother will bow down their head for this divine composition. Proud to be an Indian. Bharath Matha has not only given us number of saints and Guru's to make us cherish our culture for years and years to come. You beta are a living example for others to know how to lead a soul searching life. I am not exaggerating one bit if I say that you are according to me Himalaya kiritam in all your compositions. Every song is a precious jewel. Each one of your composition supersedes the other. You're so pure inside and out and that's why we get such wonderful songs. I pray to Lord Venkateshwara to give my years to you to continue your spiritual musical journey. Praba Gopal Chennai

Prashanth Kumar

Video: Tamburi Meettidava


VERY DANGEROUS ::: dnt listen Kuldeep m Pai songs unable to complete my works and very addictive with sweetest songs 😂😂😍😍😍😍 love you Kuldeep ji🙏🙏🙏

Sundar Rajan Aramudhan

Video: Ram Ram Bhajan


Jealous on you Kuldeep... you are living your life..... what else do one need in life.. such moments with avatars of god (kids)... You are really blessed.


Video: Vaishnava Janatho


From Australia. Brought tears to my eyes. Absolutely mesmerizing song. In these difficult times song like this really makes you calm and relieved. Thank you very much for your amazing work. Keep making great songs like this. 🙏🙏🙏

Padma Ganesan

Source: Comment on post about VGP completing 5 years! 


SRI GURUBHYO NAMAHA 👃💐 Prostrations to the Divine in You dear Kuldeep Ji 👃🌹 I am not sure if this word"congratulations" can be used because I don't really see a Kuldeep behind the Divine Door to Spirituality called VGP but a Rishi has come to this world with a mortal coil with Kuldeep as namakarana 👃 can only prostrate to the Mahatmas through You 👃👃💐💐👏👏 Hearty congratulations on the eve of VGP's 5th Birthday celebration and the milestone achievement in terms of subscription & Views 👍👏💐💐 within such a small span of its Avatar, VGP has stolen millions and millions of 💓 s with guidance towards a blissful journey. The 21st century Vivekananda has utilized the modern technology to promote Spirituality so flawlessly that the mind is now not able to easily go out in wandering mode for it knows the depth of undercurrent of Samsara!! When this is rat race age & we run out seeking material pleasures endlessly, the Mahatmas through You have definitely been successful in bringing the Humanity into One Divine platform & made each one of us realise the bliss within!!! Your entire VGP Team is the Avatar of so many mahatmas right from Ishaan Kutty to Sooryanarayanan to Sooryagayatri to Ganapathy Sir to so many hidden heroes but for whose Tapas we could not have experienced the Nectar of esctasy for all these five Memorable years. Salutations to all the Mahatmas of our Bharata Desa as we stand high in the world community in terms of Spiritual knowledge👃🌹🙏the lyrics/meaning provided give us a htest Understanding GURU Tatvam & the need to do Atma vichaaram made so easy like Hasthamalakam with the small songs and Bhajans by the little twinkling stars and it seems that the Mahatmas have decided to bring the much needed spiritual awakening through One who has done Tapas on YouTube too💐💐 Prostrations to the wonderful spiritual Treasure 👃👃🌹🌹 Each Gem joining the spiritual journey is none other than some Mahatma who wants to be a part of the whole of your spiritual project or destination by whatever name you may call it like Rishis who took the form of Gopikas in Krishna Avatar to complete the unfulfilled desire of Rama Avatar 👃👃 Wishing your spiritual journey all success to quench the thirst of spiritual thirsty souls & be a Torch Bearer for the younger generation & produce more and more Kuldeeps for the Bharathamba👃👃🌺🌺☘️ You have already introduced little Adishankara in Ishaan & Maruti Junior in Sooryanarayanan,a Junior MS Amma in Sooryagayatri and so on.... May God bless you and your wonderful spiritual family of VGP more and more milestones dedicated to our Punyabhoomi👃👃🍁🏵️🍁🌹☘️ with All humility and prayers, Prostrations to the Guru parampara & the Divine Treasure left behind for our well being!! Loka samastha sukhino bhavanthu 👃💐 with prayers always 👃💐 Mahaperiyava charanam

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