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Acharyadevo Bhava!

Acharyadevo Bhava! Acharya Shri Nochur Venkataraman - It was at His holy feet, my mind surrendered for the first time, with all conviction! Yes… the search for that Guru-tatvam ended a few years ago, when I was ready for that! It happened! It happened just like that, without any effort!

I am deliberately not posting any snap along with Him, because such Mahatmas are beyond all these posts and things like that. You all can go and search for 'Voice of Rishis' on YouTube to experience what ‘THAT’ is!

What is He for me?!! Oh Yes… I experienced the COMPASSION! His 'Karunyam' is a hundred times more than what a mother can offer to a new-born child! That’s what a Spiritual Guru does to all of us! Like a mother cat scruffing its little one, this all-compassionate mother has indeed grabbed me and is inconspicuously being a doorway to attain 'THAT'!

My amma invariably kept repeating - ‘From the age of 32, you are gonna fly, gonna reach heights’! It was a prophecy which she firmly believed in! However, life took a surprising U-turn at 31yrs 11months, when I was jolted to a whirlpool of misery! Why did it happen?! Instead of flying high, I was submerged in the doldrums! The reason for this was unveiled to me in a few months! Yes! I was bestowed with the biggest, priceless treasure at that testing phase of life itself - I was gifted with the 'Guru-tatva' and from thereon, it was just magic altogether in life! It was then, I started feeling so abundant and rich from within!

One day, in a casual meeting, the following words emanated from his mouth: ‘Take Sankara Kruthis and give it the world’!! That very thought along with a lot of other happenings led to what you see as ‘Vande Guru Paramparaam’! Isn’t it the peak of ‘compassion’?!

He had 'sown' the seeds of VGP; 'shown' the spiritual path and helped me 'shine' amidst rat races and competitions!

I am stopping here! I need 30 full days if I started writing about that Guru-Tatvam I found in my life!

‘Guru vina anubhav kaisa kale’ - Without Guru, how can one perceive the Divine Experience?!!!

All love, Kuldeep.

Here is the link to Nochur Swami's Pravachanams.

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