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I craved for ‘masala dosais’ in the childhood but it was a strict ‘no’ from amma appa since they always believed in healthy homely food! But HE granted it in my Chennai bachelor days! Granted it so much so that it was hotel food for breakfast, for lunch and for dinner for long 12 years till I got extremely tired of it!

I craved for travelling abroad! HE granted it. And I was more in flight than in land for a few years and got exhausted!

I craved for an Internal Journey – and HE is granting that too but I didn’t find any tiredness here!

Right from ‘masala dosais’ to the ‘moksha’, HE has been listening and granting! And when it’s HIS job, why should I bother?!

By the way, if any one wants to show their affection through food to me, please don’t give me a restaurant treat! I’m done with street foods to 5 stars! Try to cook something for me! He he… My amma does that these days with so much affection!

Love you all


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Anand S
Anand S
Jan 31

@Kuldeep M Pai - hi Kuldeep. I am unable to view any content inside this post. Can you please check?


Rama Krishnan
Rama Krishnan
Aug 26, 2020

Pranams Kuldeep sir!

Pranams to the sound engineer who has turned into a soul engineer!

Greatly impressed by your Musical and Spiritual achievements already. All the more inspired to post a comment here immediately after listening to your interview to RasaWebTV Youtube video. Felt the urge to do it after reading your scribbling on 'Acharya Devo Bhava', 'Amma-Appa's Anugraham', 'Enough vs Achieve' and on top of all these 'Dosa-to-Moksha' (Annamaya kosam to Aanandamaya kosam?)

Whenever tears roll down my eyes after listening to your musical productions through Vande Guru Paramparam, I could find reasons. I am unable to find a convincing reason for my tears when I watched your Interview to RasaWebTV!

When will I be transformed to a soul…


Niteen Bagade
Niteen Bagade
Aug 21, 2020

The ultimate power has been kind on you and that is because you are worthy of his blessings. Keep spreading the joy of music and nurturing the seeds in future generations of the Bharat. Heartiest congratulations and loads of luck for the exciting journey that is Life!


Jun 04, 2020

Very nice.

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