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Amma-Appa’s ‘anugraham’!

Amma-Appa’s ‘poorna anugraham’ is the top secret of ‘Vande Guru Paramparaam’. They are super proud to see their son becoming an instrument of the Divine and thereby augmenting solace to many hearts! Screening a special 'preview and review' session to Appa-amma a day before the actual public release of the videos and doing ‘sashtanga - namaskarams’ to them is a regular routine. Their reaction to Kalinga Nartana Tillana was priceless, as they clapped their hands with super excitement!

Amma : Right from childhood, She has been a strict mother! Being retired from postal department, She is now a happy mother for her son! Being a career woman, she effortlessly managed home and ensured to serve a minimum of three varieties of food for every meal. Now, every day is a festival where she celebrates every meal by preparing ‘pure satvik’ food for us and let me tell you with all conviction - After 12-15 years of hotel food in my struggling period, Amma’s food is giving me ‘Sat-budhi’ too! When the food is prepared with all purity and love, how would ‘Vande Guru Paramparaaam’ be a non-success? Pure food with love leading to purity in thoughts. Purity in thoughts leading to Purity in work! And yes… That’s Vgp’s main reasons to success!

Appa: Oh yeah! He is a ‘Saadhu’ and becoming more of that now! If there is an iota of ‘Bhakti’ in me, it's bcos of him who had inculcated and nurtured it! Not a day has passed by, without he chanting Vishnu Sahasranamam and Lalitha Sahasranamam, in our house! Retired from Syndicate Bank, he is playing a vital and selfless role in supporting me. I have witnessed Amma and Appa together reading the comments for all the videos and thus feeling extremely happy and proud!

Gratitude in Plentitude to the Ishwaratatvam, for being born in this ‘kula’ and as they named me, Gurus are making me a ‘kula-deepa’!

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