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Enough Vs Achieve!

'Tiruvannamalai’ keeps telling me. “Enough of ‘doing’ my child! Come, come and merge with me”!

And ‘Chennai’ has her perspectives too! “Do, do.. Achieve.. Achieve.. Become famous… By the way, it’s month end! Time to pay the bills”!

And as of now, I’m in Chennai’s trap! Waiting for the bus at Tiruvannamalai bus station!


Pranams to the Great souls!

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ramesh babu Rameshwaram
ramesh babu Rameshwaram
Feb 06, 2023

Your services are very very great... you are the inspiration for the next generation....


May 28, 2021

You are Role model for many for selfless service. Probably you should let us know if any way we could contribute to your service.


Surabhi Pattern
Surabhi Pattern
Nov 03, 2020

Hello Sir,

Greeting's of the day.!

I have a 2 year daughter and i want to give him best devotee's knowledge to her for her further life and that could not possible without you. even she likes to sing but cant do it proper. so she need a proper guidance and proper training so without GURU like you it wouldn't possible. so sir it is a request you to kindly please let me know your process or Are you running any school or anything.

Lots of respect to you from Gujarat sir.


Paras A Solanki




Jun 04, 2020


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